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  1. How It Works
  2. How It Began

  • Teacher Compass PD
    An on-demand tool that gives teachers access to Pearson's vast professional development library, while also encouraging them to share, comment, and grow with their colleagues.

  • Teacher Compass Observe
    Lets administrators manage, schedule, and digitally record their observations using mobile devices or laptops - online or off. Use Pearson's research-driven frameworks or load your own local frameworks and protocols.

  • Principal Compass
    Allows administrators to reach their leadership potential by identifying training needs and achieving district goals.

  • Customizable
    Allows districts and schools to load and modify local observation and evaluation protocols and build customized reports.

  • Insightful Reports
    Real-time, graphical reports allow administrators to continually track progress and make data-driven decisions.

  • Saves Time
    Streamlined observations and evaluations. Supported on laptops and mobile devices. Provides fast and insightful analysis by individual, group, school or district.

  • Differentiated Professional Development
    Enables administrators to track on-going performance and provide differentiated professional development from a library of over 3000 research-based videos, tutorials and documents.

Pearson Compass

John Hopkins University

Teacher Compass was initially developed in collaboration with school administrators near Washington DC who were struggling with the process of completing a large number of teacher evaluations.

Johns Hopkins University's Center for Technology in Education worked closely with the administrators to develop an approach for digital supervision that would address the need to collect and analyze teacher performance data, keep records, and provide feedback and recommendations. The result of this was Teacher Compass.

Teacher Compass allowed the administrators to digitally enter teacher performance data, sort results rapidly, and generate reports. The Teacher Compass digital supervision tool gave principals and teachers immediate access to current and past observations, helping them identify and understand trends in their schools and districts.

When it was time to create end-of-year evaluation reports Teacher Compass allowed administrators to generate teacher evaluations that included specific feedback on progress related to in class performance and professional development, by incorporating individualized and personalized tips for improvement.

Teacher Compass improved the ease with which administrators collected teacher performance data, saving them many hours and greatly alleviating anxieties about due dates. This enabled school leaders to provide higher quality feedback to teachers and craft individual professional growth plans.

Pearson Compass